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GPS & Dashcam
For Snow and Ice

A range of hardwired and plug-in GPS and dashcam solutions
tailored for landscaping / snow and ice.

STOP Losing money over incomplete paperwork.

Plowing snow is hard enough, don't expect your staff to fill out detailed paperwork for every site serviced. Our automatic dashcam solution does the paperwork for you so that your operators can focus on what they do best.

Viaesys GPS and Dashcam solutions are tailored for the winter maintenance industry and provide easy access to videos, pictures and GPS data for billing, payroll, service verification, quality control, and slip & falls.

One stop shop for all your GPS and Dashcam tracking needs.

Live View

Real-time video as your assets travel.

Accident Reporting

Automatic video upload in the event of an accident, hard breaking, and other violations.

Driver ID

Operator timesheets created automatically using facial recognition.

Geofence triggered pictures

Fully automatic picture upload as your equipment enters sites. Without any upload requests or manual intervention.

Audible Site Checklist

Our site specific notes automatically played on geo-fence entry ensure your operators don't forget any important tasks while on site.

Winter only Plans

Winter only plans available for assets that do not need tracking during the summer months.

Historical Playback

View past videos in the event of complaints, accidents, or other enquires.

Open API Access

Open API Access for integration with other systems for fleet management, payroll, timesheets and more.

Integrated Site Reporting

One click reports showing time-in, time-out, total time on site and site pictures broken by asset type. Allowing easy service verification and billing.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Maintenance and mileage alerts, harsh driving and speeding statistics, downloadable via easy to access dashboard.

Economical plans

Plans with the option to upload videos over wifi saving cellular data costs

Trigger Button

Multi-functional trigger button allowing drivers to record specific events / jobs. Like plowing, salt application, hazardous conditions, etc.

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