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Technology Solutions for Snow & Ice.

GPS Dashcams, Salt Tracking, Field Crew & Mobile Workforce Management, Road Patrol Software, and Road Cameras.

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Fieldwhiz Field management

Built for Snow & Landscaping

Complete Software Solution – with invoicing, time-clock, payroll, work order management, weather, GPS, Dashcam integration and more!

Granular & Liquid Tracking

Material Tracking System- Use Less Salt This Season

Universally Compatible – a cost effective, GPS enabled material tracking system. Capable of simultaneously tracking granular and liquid application on most commercially available spreaders.

Automatically sync the information to an online portal in real-time and see insights not available before.


Therma Track - Ground Temperature Monitoring System

An advanced road condition sensor that seamlessly integrates cloud connectivity into your winter maintenance strategy. Mounted on your patrol vehicle or truck, this sensor accurately measures both air and road surface temperatures, providing real-time data effortlessly transmitted to a range of compatible devices and a full-feature online portal.

Winter only pricing options available

Build the right plan for your team.

Keep eyes on your sites

Mini RWIS - Weather Cameras for Snow & Ice Control

Reduce Patrolling Costs – Easy installation and hassle-free operation, the mini RWIS is your eyes in the field. Keep track of pavement conditions in real time. 20 minute install, no wifi or electrical hookup needed.

GPS Built for Landscaping and Snow and Ice

GPS And Dashcam

Site pictures, audible site notes, live view, driver ID, historical payback, automatic accident reporting and more. Get your paperwork done automatically.

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Precision Monitoring for Harsh Conditions

Tank Track - Remote Tank Monitors With Online Portal

The ideal solution for tracking remote liquid storage – With corrosion resistant pressure sensors and the capability of tracking up to four tanks with one transmit unit.

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Seamless integration.

Integrations & API

Keep using your existing tools by integrating any of our systems with your organization's billing, CRM or ERP systems.

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